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1.What are the benefits of becoming a registered member of FlytoDestiny.com?

As a registered member of FlytoDestiny.com, you will be entitled to savings and benefits on airfares, hotel reservations, holiday packages, bus and among other travel services. In addition, look forward to receiving monthly newsletters and exclusive promotions offering special deal.

2. Can I pay by Cash?

We currently do not support this facility. Kindly initiate your payment though mention payment options on our website.

3.What are the various payment options offered by FlytoDestiny?

You can make your booking using any of the following payment options - Credit / Debit Card (Visa and Master) Diners Club Maestro Card EMI (CITI Bank) American Express Card Net Banking (Domestic / International) We now also accept international cards for payment though our website

4.Is my payment secure on FlytoDestiny?

FlytoDestiny is a VeriSign certified site and all data transmitted over the browser is encrypted.

5.I want to book online but don't have any credit or debit cards. Can I still book online?

You can make your booking using any of the following payment options - Diners Club Maestro Card EMI (CITI Bank)American Express Card Net Banking (Domestic / International) UPI TEZ

6.Can I use my card to make a booking in someone else's name?

Yes, you can, but do make sure that under 'Traveller Name' you mention the name of the person who will be traveling. You are required to enter your name and your billing address while on the Payment Page.

7.Is my credit card information secure and safe?

Yes. FlytoDestiny is a secure application. It follows the best security practices and the most stringent safety protocols adopted by major online travel companies. Any information you enter when transacting with FlytoDestiny is sent in an encrypted format to protect you against unintentional disclosure to third parties.

8.What are transaction charges?

These charges are levied by the bank directly as payment gateway charges to facilitate online payments. Such charges are applicable on all online payments on all sites including at IRCTC.

9.Do I require a passport to travel on an International Holiday?

Yes. Passports are mandatory for all International holiday packages and that they need to be valid for at least 6 months from the date of departure.**Validity duration may vary depending on the country of visit.


10.Can I travel if my passport has expired?

No, you require a valid passport with minimum 6 months validity to travel any international flight.

11.I am unable to cancel my domestic air travel tickets online. What do I do?

If Your flight departure time is within the next 24 hours, kindly call us on below numbers: Within India:+91-8587924622

13.How do I Get refund of my tickets that I have cancelled with airlines?

You may write an email to Support@flytodestiny.com or call our customer care number for refund.

14.Why Should I Book My tickets with Flytodestiny?

You will get the benefits like cheapest tickets, minimum service &cancellation fees, personalized customer care support, big savings etc.

15.What benefits will I get If I take Flytodestiny services?

Cheaper Price, Minimum service &cancellation fees and best customer care support.

16.What are cancellations charges of Flytodestiny.com?

Please Visit below link for cancellation policy: